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Have you decided that you can use our help in expanding your business? You’d probably like to know what you can expect next. First of all, we’re honored that you are willing to share your ideas with us. Therefore we want to give you the best start possible. We follow consistent investment policy and criteria to ensure we are the best fit for each other. Based on these analyzes, we now have a diversified portfolio of the most exceptional startups!

Are you an entrepreneur who is ready to expand your business by participating with us? In collaboration with Exo Ventures, we assess various participation options from our network and the Exo Ventures network. To give you a flying start, we want to refer to our investment criteria. After you meet up our standards, the analysis of your business ideas begins. Together, we look at the opportunities and threats of your business, the finances, management, and market segment.

The initial invested capital can range between € 50.000 and 500.000 euros. The total investment can amount up to one million euros. Once we have agreed, we will work together to create the most value for your business. In return for our financial support, we acquire a minority interest. Depending on the investment, this will be an interest of a maximum of fifteen percent.

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Our investment strategy